Saturday, December 31, 2011

goodbye meadow lane

Can you believe it is the end of 2011?!  I cannot!
So much has happened this year, especially the last few months.

I mentioned in the last post that we renovated a house in about a month.  The reason for this renovation was that we rented out our other house, one we had lived in for ten years.

Before we even finished the renovation, the house sold!  Bitersweet, I tell ya.  Mainly because of our history on that street.  Ten years holds a lot of it too- first dog, roomates, first jobs, marriage, bringing baby home...and all that comes in between.  But selling was also a blessing!  With baby #2 on the way, we are needing a little more breathing room.

We were so thrilled that it sold so quickly and to a cute young person who we know! 
We have loved the last 10 years on that street, and wanted someone to move in that loved it just as much as we did.

Only one little issue, we had no where to live!  As noted already, we had rented our other house (the reason for said renovation), so that was out.  So it's apartment life for now.  We have adjusted pretty well, but mama is nesting and oh so ready for a house, and NURSERY, to decorate! 

Flipping a house was quite an adventure, to say the least.  Budget was always in mind, and for this girl that was so hard!  We also found out what contractors we would use again, and whose number we could throw away accidentally lose. 

I tried oh so hard to take progress photos, but with work/pregnancy/two year old/dog/husband/life that didn't go as planned.  Here is what I did get...

Exterior- all windows were re-glazed, new roof, paint, shutters, column and landscaping

getting a new roof

close up of new roof, fascia board and column
(old column was a white fluted plastic thing that needed to go!)

close up of porch
after paint but before landscaping

exterior after

Foyer- the old dropped ceiling panels/nasty old parquet floors were removed and replaced

Hallway- new flooring, paint

Bathroom- old tile floor removed, new vanity/potty, and walls painted

Bedrooms- nasty old carpet was removed, new ceiling fixtures added and walls painted

Living/Dining Room- the dining room was flipped to the front of the house,
den to the back near the kitchen.
The old parquet flooring and the drop ceiling were removed.

Kitchen- an L-shaped wall with a door seperated the kitchen completely from the living/dining.
That came down, which opened up those spaces.
There were old metal cabinets and crimson laminate countertops/splash.
There was also a washing machine in the kitchen.  The dryer was in a room off of the back porch.

Everyone helped with demo :)

 (hate this pic is so blurry, but even through that you can get a feel of just how bad it was)

 looking from the kitchen back into the dining (future living) area where
the L-shaped wall is being torn out...

 looking from old dining into kitchen once wall is removed...

 Finished Kitchen- We had plans to add painted open shelves over the marble "bar" to the right.
We did add brushed nickel cup pulls and "football" shaped knobs
right before moving out...

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