Monday, June 20, 2011


We have a fan of the lake and his name is Michael.

Saturday morning he heard us saying we were going to the lake and that we needed to pack his bag.
Still in his pj's, he insisted on putting his shoes on, grabbed as many toys as he could,
and went to the door.

It was TIME TO GO!

Thank you Grandaddy, Ci Ci and Clark for a fun weekend!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

3 weekends of fun!

warning: tons of pics in this post

first weekend...HANGOUT!
great friends, great music!

second weekend...Memorial Day at the BEACH!
thanks to Uncle Smoker, Mrs Rachal and Miss Sydney for a great time!

after eating oreos and
hearing the cannon fire from the sea screamer

the beach wore him out

third weekend...HAPAMON 2011 at Lake Martin!
family get together jam packed with fun...

first swim in the lake this year

driving the boat with Daddy

lunch with Lu at Katherine's


M and Cole

sweet baby H

Lu and Whit

Action shot

M and Izzy B

Uncle Will

it was a blast but I must say
I'm glad to be spending this weekend at home!