Friday, August 28, 2009

Fhoto Friday!

I love Maggie and Maggie loves me!

First Church Sunday

Thursday, August 27, 2009

4 months old!

Michael turned four months old on August 22nd. Where does the time go?

He is starting to really show some personality! Yesterday afternoon, after the four month check up (which consisted of 2 shots- more about that later), he was in the best mood! It was not the first time he had noticed Maggie, our Yorkie, but this time was different. I noticed him just staring and smiling at her. It was too cute. I figured I might as well see if her tricks would get him excited. So I said "Maggie, speak" and as soon as she barked he let out a giggle then back to staring. So, I tried it again "Maggie, speak", an even bigger laugh! Too much fun!!! So when Lee got home, he tried it with the same result. I wanted to get it on video to post, but we left to eat dinner at Lee's parents. We were telling Lee's parents about it and we decided to try it out on Harley, their dachshund. He just giggled and giggled. It was so cute. Video to come, I promise!

About the four month check up. I was dreading taking him all day and night on Tuesday. We went in Wednesday morning and he was great in the waiting room, which was packed full (a note on the door- Flu season is upon us, we are trying to keep your appointment times, but with the amount of patients ...yada yada). I was so worried the whole time about the shots to come. I had heard from so many people that these were pretty bad. Poor baby! We went back and the nurse did some measurements- 16 lb, 3 oz. (75-90%), 26" long (75-90%). The doctor checked him all over and said all looked great. Whew! Next up, shots. Oh no. The sweet nurse came in and explained that now they only have to give 2 shots instead of 4. They just combine the shots. OK, that sounds better. Here we go...1st shot...waiting on the, he's not really crying at all! Trooper! 2nd shot, the nurse says "this one hurts worse". Great. So, 2nd shot goes in and a small little cry and that is it. Little man is so brave! He even smiled when I put him in his car seat to leave. Such a trooper!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A visit with Nani and Papa

Michael went to visit Nani and Papa last week and had a great time! He told them all about daycare, took a nice nap with Papa, and just had a good ole time!