Thursday, February 12, 2009

4-D Ultrasound!

We have had a great week! Busy days and many relaxing nights on the sofa with Miss Mags! Our favorite night time spot.
A little side view from this past week...Getting to be a big momma!
Little Michael has been quite active this week. We keep saying he is going to be the next Bama football kicker or a really strong soccer player, because his kicks are HARD! He has also started pushing hard against my sides and stomach. It is so fun to watch him move around in there.

Today we went to the 4-D ultrasound! It was so amazing to see little Michael! He wasn't very active, even though I drank a little Dr. Pepper before, and covered one side of his face most of the time with his hand, but we still got some great shots of him! Here are a few...
his foot:
his arm and fingers:

So, the little man is going to be pretty decked out! The Grandparents (and myself :) have gotten him some really cute onsies!!!
One from Ya-Ya:

His Jerry Garcia onesie from Grandpa Mike and Grandma Cynde:

His "Let It Be" onesie from Pop-Pop and Ya-Ya:

The bear ears are very cute, even though Lee doesn't quite get it :)

I had to buy him the froggie pjs! Too funny!:

His Uncle Tommy and sweet Caroline (Tommy's girlfriend) gave Michael his first Christmas stocking. Next year it will be filled with goodies!!!!

Well, time for bed. Ta Ta for now! Love, La

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Up to the present!!!

By January 18th, about 25 weeks along, I looked like this....

At this week, said: "Your baby's crown-to-rump length is about 8.8 inches. Weight has increased to around 1.5 pounds and fat is still being deposited at a high rate." and "Your uterus is about the size of a soccer ball now!" All I have to say about that is NO KIDDING! I feel like I have a soccer ball in my stomach! That is the perfect way to describe it! Of course Mags made her way into the picture!

Then we threw a party for our close friend Bartley who is moving out of town to the beach (lucky dog!). Here he is...
The guys all thought it would be soooo funny to have me pretend to do a keg stand, but I refused! How tacky, not to mention the inability for my body to do anything like that now! Haha! But they kept begging and I gave in to a "pretend pour"...
Here is Jeff trying the keg stand route ("not happening" is what I was saying at about this point)...
Here is my "pretend pour pic"....
And one from the side view....
The night was such a great time, ending in Mags and me both being exhausted!....

So, here is a picture of my craving from last week, yummm-o!
Nancy Patterson's Mocha cupcake! It was the best taste I have had in a long time!!!! Allison, I know you can agree with this!!!!
As you can see below, I also bought a cupcake for Lee, but it ended up being my dessert that night! Haha!
By the way, I also had another one this week!!!!

Nursery time!!!
My sweet Mom ordered these 3 amazing paintings for Michael's room.
These are the inspiration for all the colors and theme of the room. They are going to hang over his crib, which is a black Jenny Lind crib. It just arrive this week and I will post some pics next go around.

Here is the mobile from Pottery Barn Kids. It has all the colors that are in the paintings and is just so sweet and soft. It plays "twinkle, twinkle, little star"!

Here is the piece of furniture we found at Eastbrook that will be his changing table and storage for all his diapers, wipes, etc...(Mags again :)

Wesley let us borrow this count down clock. Only 89 days to go (of course, this was the other night, but not too long to go!!!)

So, I went to dinner one night with my good friend Katherine, her husband John, and her family to La Zona Rosa. For all of you who don't know, it is our favorite Mexican Food restaurant near our house (and we eat there ALL THE TIME! I really could eat there 3 times a week!!!) Kat must have read my mind because ever since I saw these at a store in Montgomery, I knew I had to get some for our baby if it turned out to be a boy. Introducing, the Pee-Pee Teepee!!! Such a good idea and super cute! These little teepee's are made out of terry cloth and a cute pattern fabric on the outside with little planes and clouds (haha!) When you are changing a boy, you stick this on top of his wee wee and it stops the stream of pee!!! We have given one to Jeff and Rebekah to test on their new baby Jackson. The results are not in yet...

They also gave him these socks that look like sneakers! One color for every day of the week! Too funny and too cute!

Michael is going to be ready for game day!!! My sweet 2nd cousins Joy and Nancy and my great aunt Baboo gave Michael this adorable "Bama Baby" bib. The Murphy's were so sweet to give him these cute little "Bama" booties! Roll Tide!

FINALLY! Caught you all up to this week!

I went to the Doctor on Monday (after registering all morning at Babies R Us, which was so fun!!! I picked out the stroller/car seat, or travel system as its called!) Here's a pic...

All went well at the Doctor's visit. I did the usual stuff...tinkle in a cup, blood pressure check, and the all important weight check! Even though I have been stuffing my face with Oreo's and TONS of cereal, not much weight gain this time around. I was actually a little surprised, because I really have been a bottomless pit recently! I mean, seriously, I eat 2-3 bowls of cereal just for breakfast. The cookies only last for about 3 days and the whole package is gone! Haha!!! Ok back to the Dr visit, the heartbeat sounded good...Dr Lawhon is so funny! He really likes to hear the heartbeat and said "what a great sound!" He has been fabulous during the many meetings we have had! Hopefully you will get to see a pic of him in a few months when Michael decides to join us! I scheduled the 4-D ultrasound on my way out. It is next Thursday!!!! Hopefully I will figure out how to post the video by then! I will post the pictures for sure! So check back for more!!!!

I really have to say...I have had an easy pregnancy and I am soooo blessed! But lately, I am feeling the effects of what it does to your body. My back has been hurting at night. I asked the Doc and he said "oh girl, that's just one of those joys of pregnancy". Fun! Also, I had a brief few days of fluid retention in my right hand. I mean, now I feel like I kind of know what it feels like to have arthritis (I feel for you if you have this!!!!). I couldn't open up a jar, the milk carton, even my closet door handle. Luckily, that has eased up a lot! Since I'm a lefty, I never knew how much I used my right hand!!!

Check back again soon!
Love you all! La